Keith G. Wright

USA National Book Awards Finalist – The Life Of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke ...Inspiring Teens To Read, Achieve and Lead Exceptional Lives !

Community Awareness Initiatives: Mentor, Counselor, Family Advocate, Award Winning Author, ... Ain’t No Joke Books, Inc. Saving Families, Empowering Parents, Supporting Teachers, Honoring Women, And Inspiring Teenagers To Lead Exceptional Lives...

Integrating Restorative Justice Practices in schools - helping schools craft more equitable discipline policies, reduce suspensions, referrals, and overall disruptive behaviors... providing more meaningful and permanent conflict resolution processes... delivering a willing & ready student to your campus... teachable, non-disruptive, yearning toward high level achievement, academically competent, college & career ready... a tool to calm your campus and focus students... uplifting the bottom 25%. inspiring the at-risk, transforming school campuses ... an integral piece of your School Improvement Plan.

Assistant Principal... Responsible for all aspects of the management and operation of the Adult Education and Community School, including the administrative and supervisory work in planning and implementing programs that directly relate to the educational needs of the community. Responsible for implementation of Restorative Justice Practices and ATOSS Program (Alternative To Out Of School Suspension)

GED Program Coordinator – Adult Education, ... Plans and coordinates all aspects of GED preparation programs at various campus and community-based locations; manage the activities of faculty and staff; oversee GED curriculum development and innovative delivery design. Prepare marketing materials and literature for distribution to potential GED students. Teach courses within the assigned area; models effective teaching techniques for instructors.... Ensures faculty and staff understand and follow state and National Reporting System guidelines, including the state assessment policy.

MTSS Behavior Coach, Multi-Tiered Systems Of Support ... Implement Academic and Behavior Interventions & Restorative Justice Principles In Schools. Consults with school leadership regarding students who are in need of interventions. Participates in problem solving meetings for individual students. Assist school staff with identification of specific student deficiency and match student to research-based interventions

Community Involvement Specialist ... Work closely with principals, teachers, counselors, social workers and school officials to increase family/parental involvement services... Encourage stronger home/school connections, instigate, contribute to, and facilitate monthly Family Involvement Activities. Serve as facilitator between home and school for identified at-risk students, linking teachers, resources, parents, and students to increase academic achievement and decrease drop-out rate. ...Engages businesses and community organizations to gain support by participating in community events, presentations and prevention trainings, through a high-energy positive attitude, meeting new people, building relationships, and soliciting educational support.

MS - Educational Leadership, Concordia University, OR

BS - Business Management, University Of Phoenix, AZ

AS - Computer Technology, Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Fla

LCAM - Licensed Community Association Manager, State Of Florida



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